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Central Coast Lending’s North County office, offering service to Atascadero, Templeton, Shandon, Creston, San Miguel and Santa Margarita and the surrounding area, is located in Paso Robles at 1921 Spring Street between the 19th and 20th street blocks.

Atascadero is a medium-sized town (population a bit under 29,000) that serves as a useful “hinge” for the Central Coast. Built along Highway 101, Highway 41 and Highway 46 and near Highway 1, most routes in, out, and around the county go through Atascadero.  The town has a bit of a rural feel to it, and much of its surrounding land is used for ranching and agriculture. The popular downtown area of El Camino Real and Traffic Way offers a variety of culinary and wine tasting options, and recreational activities.

2017 Atascadero Real Estate Profile

CCL Reports (2017, Q2): An update on sales, prices, foreclosures, mortgage rates, and more in the North County area of San Luis Obispo County and the Central Coast. Read the Report HERE.

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